December 2013
Richard Sivyer from Ipswich

Kwan has been "looking after" my feet now for a number of months. Unfortunatley I had verrucers which she has dealt with and  also playing goIf I had developed hard patches of skin too.

My feet feel considerably improved and i can recommend Kwan treatment to other as Cost effective and Caring.


May 2012
Marian Riley from Mendlesham

Kwan is very caring and good Foot Health Practitioner. She is well qualified and uses all the correct equipment. Its a pleasure to have a visit from her. I look forward to it.


May 2012
Helen Bush from Bramford

I can't recommend Kwan enough, she is a lovely friendly lady who has done wonders for my feet. They have gone from being in a right state with cracked heels and horrible toenails to smooth heels that don't hurt any more and toe nails that are neat and not sore.

Thank you Kwan x

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